The Myth In Mendive

When it is said that Latin American and Caribbean culture is the result of a crossbreeding between Europe and pre-Colombian America or Africa, everybody thinks of the ethno cultural fusion...

The Topics of Tomorrow

Manuel Mendive's work draws its affective roots and spiritual substance from the ancient religion of the Yorubas, which he knows well since he lived it in his family since his early childhood.

The Ancestors, The Orishas, Nature and Thougth

A travel is not just going over time and space. A travel is a spiritual transition, in which the creator finds out with his inquiring glance the spaces that, from daily life up to the sacred thing, show the palpitation of the essential, that which goes beyond what's next.

Rebel Angel

Cuban contemporary art plays a very significant role in many of the highly complex concentric circles that form the matrix of the art world in the United States.